Will Smith Says Jaden Wearing Women's Clothing 'Might Have Been A Mistake' — Plus, What Does He Think About The Oscars Boycott Now? Will Smith may protesting the Oscars in response to their lack of minority representation — but he's still just your everyday dad! The Concussion star made that clear when he stopped by BBC Radio 1Xtra on Monday, where he dished on everything from his parenting style and upcoming projects, to his Oscars boycott with Jada Pinkett Smith!

Women's clothing chain owner began selling at 11

She had a summer job renting bicycles and golf carts on a vacation island, where her family had a home. After a few years, she said, she was managing the rental operation. By the time she graduated high school, she was an assistant manager of a leather-coat shop, Donna Sacs, in metro Detroit.
Then, she and her manager, Jim Seba, had an idea: They could open their own store.

Sears losing market share to Goodwill in women's clothing

Among Sears' struggles is the fact that most women have ceased to think of it as a place to buy their clothes. Just 1% of shoppers say Sears is their favorite place for that, according to survey in January by Prosper Analytics & Insights for the National Retail Federation.

According to Prosper, Sears has dropped as a preferred destination in other categories, too, even, slightly, in appliances last month. But in women’s clothing in particular, shopper preference share for Sears dropped 53% year over year. Last month, Sears ranked 15th, behind Goodwill.


Study: Men Spend More on Clothing Than Women—and the Reason Is Obvious

A new study has found that men spend more per month on clothing than women—a fact that should surprise exactly no one. According to a survey by the Ogilvy-owned public relations firm The Boutique, adult men in America spend about $85 per month on clothing, and women spend an average of $75. This beer money-level disparity, along with the relatively newfound interest men have in personal style, will contribute to the menswear market growing faster than the ladies' segment. By 2017, overall menswear sales are expected to reach $110.3 billion, according to the study, which would mean a growth rate of about 8.3 percent.


Men Spend More Money and Time On Clothes Shopping Than Women


American men spend $10 more than women on clothing and accessories each month, according to a new survey from the Boutique @ Ogilvy, a fashion public-relations firm. The company’s poll of 1,232 men aged 18 and up found that they spent an average of $85 per month, compared to the average woman’s $75. Accordingly, the report estimates that the menswear market will expand at almost twice the rate of womenswear, growing 8.3 percent to become a $110.3 billion market. The $85-$75 split was first reported last year by Budget Sense, which also found that men spend 20 percent more time shopping than women do each week: three hours, compared to women’s two and a half.